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Get to know us

Heritage Baptist Church is a family-oriented ministry that seeks to glorify God through appropriate worship, the accurate teaching of God’s Word, the exaltation of His Son Jesus Christ, and the promotion of holiness among His people.

You will find us nurturing an atmosphere of conservative music, modest dress, and sober conduct as we gather to hear from the Lord and return worship to Him.

It is our belief that the Word of God, rightly divided, is sufficient to bring individuals into a saving relationship with the Lord and guide them in lives of holiness unto the Lord.  We thus hold the Scriptures in high regard and invite its hearers to simple faith.

We are committed to “one another” ministry as an obedient response of those who know and love God. Building relationships within the family of God is a priority for us as we serve the body of Christ.

We are convinced of the Lord’s promise to build His church, and thus avoid church growth trends and contemporary agendas.  We embrace the sufficiency of Christ for salvation and sanctification as we endeavor to lift Him up.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet you!  Follow the links below to find out more about us and view our service schedule.

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