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Our Purpose
As a New Testament church,
it is our purpose to glorify God
through the magnification of Christ by the preaching of God’s Word for the evangelization of the lost and the edification of the believing.
As Christ is magnified in His holiness, it is our purpose to live out His holiness in practical, Christ-honoring thinking, conduct, and speech. As the gospel brings others to salvation, it is our endeavor to assist them in growing in Christlikeness and witnessing to God’s abundant grace. As we gather in corporate worship, it is our desire to maintain an atmosphere of glory to God with the music we use, the way we dress, and our approach to the handling of God’s Word. It is our desire to know God and put Him on display as we approach Him with reverence and humble adoration.

Trends of worship and worldly philosophies are not considered legitimate in our church ministry. The timeless truth with timeless expressions of worship shape what we deem most appropriate. A God-centered, Word-informed, Spirit-guided approach to God guides our ministry together. A united mutual ministry of the “one anothers” of the New Testament shapes the practical side of our life together. A family atmosphere of gathering for expressions of love to God and one another is our goal. Forbearance and kindness is the spirit we desire to nurture in the context of honesty with God’s Word and active application to our lives.


Holding God’s truth high is a must for us as we endeavor to hear from Him, delight in Him, and live for Him. This is our purpose.
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